amazon shoppers racing to get $60 gadget for $29.99 as happy customers spill the pool fun secrets!

Amazon is offering 50 percent off a gadget with some great reviews.

The e-commerce giant is currently selling the 4.5 out of 5 star Skywin Floating Pool Speaker with Lights at a stunning 50 percent off. 

The Disco Light Pool Speaker is now on sale for $29.99.


The listing says the original price of the gadget was $59.99.


That means shoppers can save $30.


Skywin Pool Speaker on Amazon for only $29.99 - buy here

The bluetooth speaker is of larger size and superior quality delivering better sound and a beautiful light show.


You can even connect two speakers and output from one audio source for true stereo inside the pool!


Unlike all the small speakers in the market it is not just a 4" children's toy.

With the summer ending this overstock is being sold at break even pricing and supply is limited.


Now is your chance to pick up this great gadget at never before seen pricing. 


Head over to amazon and buy before they are gone!

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