Skywin Furniture Covers for Moving - Large Sofa Couch Storage Bag & Plastic Couch Cover Dust Protector for Furniture Covering Wrap - Clear Furniture Wrapping for Moving and Extra Protection 101x75x50

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No matter what you need to put in this bag you probably can. Imagine a giant bag that you can put Productsver your furniture or put your furniture into?

Made of clear plastic, the plastic couch cover is the perfect dust and furniture cover for moving and a great alternative to plastic wrap. Affordable plastic furniture protectors that can be reused and also sealed for long or short-term storage.

About this item:

  • It's a giant bag! 101" x 75" x 50" Perfectly fit to be used as furniture covers for your sofa, couch, love seat, tables, televisions, and anything else.
  • Sealable with Drawstring! No other plastic couch cover or furniture cover on the market is as easy to seal and transport.
  • Money Back Guarantee! This product is designed in the USA and if unsatisfied within 30 days you will receive a full refund!
  • Use for everything! Need a couch cover for moving? A dust cover for furniture while having construction? Want to build a swimming pool in the back of your pickup truck? Whatever you need, once you have this bag around you will find many uses for it.
  • Reuse and save! Won't easily rip and can be used over and over if cared for.