Skywin Eye Wash Kit - Faucet Mounted Emergency Eye Wash Station Sink Attachment, Adapters, Inspection Tags, and 1x Emergency Eye Wash Station Sign

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Sink / Faucet mounted first aid emergency eye wash station kit!

Sink attached continuous flow eyewash station and sign. The eyewash station qualifies as an auxiliary unit; not meant to meet requirements as a primary eyewash device.

About this item:

  • Retain your Faucet and adapt it into a First Aid Eyewash Station that can be Turned on/off in 2 Seconds and Provide a Continuous Flow of Water for Flushing Eyes of Foreign Material During an Emergency
  • Retain the Normal Function of your Sink while Adding Emergency Eyewash Capabilities that can be Activated in Moments with the Flip of a Lever During Emergency
  • Screws onto the existing faucet by Replacing your Faucet's Removable Aerator with the Faucet Mounted Station. 3 of the most common fitting adapters included, as well as 2 inspection tags, and 1 7"x10" "Emergency Eye Wash Station Keep Area Clear" Sign.
  • Eye Nozzle Swivels for Adjustable Direction and Water Flow. Easily Located and activated to provide first aid when necessary and flush out dust, pollen, or chemicals with clean water.
  • Compatible with most Faucets. The existing Faucet Must have a Removable Aerator or inside/outside threads for Connection. Standard Faucet and Sink Not Included.

  • Legal Disclaimer:

    This product does not meet OSHA requirements as a primary eyewash station and qualifies only as a supplemental unit under ANSI guidelines.

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