BeerSkin Silicone Can Sleeve - Can Cover Insulator

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Make any 12-ounce can look like a red can by wearing our silicone sleeve.

About this Item:

  • [ DISGUISE WITH CAN COVER ] - Prank your Family or Friends by using this Can Sleeve to Hide Your 12oz (355ml) Canned Beverages. Beer Can Covers to look like a Soda Can covered by a well-known brand with Original Artwork design of a Soda to Disguise its Content
  • [ WHAT'S INSIDE THE PACKAGE ] - 1-pack (or depends on how many packs you ordered) of Silicone Can Covers for your Beverages, fit 12 oz (355 ml) Standard Aluminum Can except those "Skinny Cans"
  • [MATERIAL] - This Beer Can Sleeve Cover is well-made based on a HIGH-GRADE Silicone Material that is Reusable and User-Friendly. Easy to Install as it is very soft and Portable. You can use and enjoy Drinking at Ease.
  • [ LETS THE FUN BEGIN ] - You can now be discreet with your drinking preference anywhere you go using these Beer Can Covers that look like Soda.
  • [ USES ] - This item is perfect for Gifts, Pranks, Outdoor Activities, Parties, Gathering Places, Parks, Competitions, Watching Sports Games, Beaches, Dog Walking, Spring Breaks, and Tourism.
  • [ A LITTLE REMINDER ] - This Silicone Can Cover should not be used for drinking Alcohol where Not Permitted by the Law
  • [ HOW TO INSTALL ] - Put the Can Sleeve on top of the bottle and push it downwards. Once you're less than an inch below, you can thrust the Can Sleeve by the can bottom using your fingertip, or please watch our "Video" to check better how to get on and get off the product
  • [ HOW TO REMOVE ] - Pull from the bottom of the beer can wraps until loose, or use a little bit of oil or warm soapy water to remove if it is too hard to remove. You can also watch our "Video" to check better how to get on and get off the product

Technical Details: