Skywin Laundreasy x5

Skywin Laundreasy x5

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Brand Skywin
Color White, Blue, Green, Rose, Black, Grey
Material Plastic, Rubber
Style Bottle
Number of Compartments 1
White 5060974382088
Black 5060974382095
Grey 5060974382101
Rose 5060974382118
Green 5060974382125
Blue 5060974382132

About this item

  • [OUTSTANDING DESIGN] - This Laundry Detergent Holder has an "Angled" Feature. No need to tilt or lift the bottle. This Laundry Detergent Stand can help you to be more energy-saving at a cheap cost by using this item for both your detergent and fabric conditioner bottles as part of your daily Laundry Supplies
  • [MATERIAL] - This Angled Laundry Detergent Holder is made of Plastic with a molded edge to keep the measuring cup from sliding or falling off the platform to prevent the soap or detergent from dripping onto the shelves or floor. There's also a "Rubber" in his feet to secure the soap station firmly in its place
  • [WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE] - 1 piece of Laundry Soap Holder with a Rubberised Anti-Slip base
  • [DIMENSION] - This Laundry Drip Catcher has a dimension of 12.2"L x 7.9"W x 5.5"H. Fits most 12” standard-size shelves and with a height up to 14” tall once the bottles have been put on top. Please check your space carefully before ordering. A Standard Bottle usually fits in this Laundry Bottle Stand
  • [USES] - This Laundry Soap Detergent Holder will help you to pour out the detergent easier without using much effort to lift and carry the heavy containers of your favorite detergent or fabric conditioner. You can put this on top of your washing, or on your cabinets
  • [A LITTLE REMINDER] - This item is a Laundry Detergent Stand ONLY that does not include any Detergent or Bottles or Velcro Straps to handle the bottles but it is incredibly useful without the straps because of the angled feature which holds bottles in place when standing alone
  • [INSTALLATION] - Put the container on top of the Launder Detergent Stand. Make sure to fix it enough so the container will not roll over

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