Skywin 1 Pack Tripod Speaker Stands for Large Speakers, Speaker on Stand with Height Adjustment , Dj Speaker Stands Heavy Duty

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Brand Skywin
Material Metal
Fit Type Universal Fit
Load Capacity 100 pound

About this item

  • [ SPEAKER STAND THAT PROVIDES STURDY SUPPORT ] - Featuring a speaker tri pod stand as a replacement for your parts, you can be sure your speakers are securely supported up to 100 lbs. With this reliable support, you can confidently enjoy the quality sound without worrying about an accidental wobble. Perfect to use as public amplification (PA) speaker with a stand or in a party as a speaker stand
  • [ ADJUSTABLE SPEAKER STAND ] - Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy height adjustment for various settings with this portable stand for speakers, ranging up to 7 feet when fully extended. With this flexible speaker stand’s feature, you can effortlessly optimize your speaker setup for any setting
  • [SECURED SPEAKER WITH THIS TRIPOD STAND ] - Experience stability and equal weight distribution with the tripod leg design of this speaker stand having 60 cm on each side. Enjoy the worry-free, sound performance with a tripod stand for the speaker that ensures an equal length of distribution for a stable base
  • [ SPEAKER TRIPOD COMPACT DESIGN ] - Enjoy a compact design with the on-stage speaker stand, great for easy transportation and storage. Collapsible, with a telescoping center column, securely pinned and screwed locks make it hassle-free to transport and store
  • [ FIX NON-SLIP FEET PRO PA SPEAKER STAND BOX ]- The non-slip rubber feet on the speaker stand pole mount provides extra grip and protection for secure and stable placement. Enjoy peace of mind as your speaker stand pole mount stays firmly in place, no matter the surface

Product Description

Durable Design

This Skywin speaker tripod stand is designed to last for years of use. Its durable metal construction tubing ensures reliable support and stability for your speakers, so you can enjoy your favorite music for many years to come. The universal speaker stand is great for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying a movie night. This sturdy design will provide you with reliable support, so you can listen to your favorite audio with peace of mind.

Increased Stability

You'll appreciate the secure pin and screw locks that provide extra stability, allowing you to trust that your speakers will stay firmly in place. This feature is especially useful when you need to transport your speakers, as it will ensure that your stand can accommodate any changes in the environment or terrain. It also allows for flexible mounting of your speakers, so you can easily switch up the angle and height to get a good sound. The tripod leg design with a center brace offers additional stability, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stand-mount speakers.

Optimize Sound Quality

Are you looking for a PA tripod stand that allows you to have optimal sound quality in any environment? The adjustable height feature of this PA tripod stand offers you the convenience of achieving a good height for your speaker. With 60 cm each side makes an equal length distribution for a stable base, this PA tripod stand allows for easy height adjustment up to 7 feet. The collapsible feature of this PA tripod stand makes it easy to transport without any hassle. So, maximize your sound quality and adjust it to your desired height with this convenient PA tripod stand.