Skywin Cat Steps - Solid Rubber Wood Cat Stairs Great for Scratching and Climbing - Easy to Install Wall Mounted Cat Shelves for Playful Cats

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  • PET STEPS FOR CATS - Great way for your cats to fulfill their natural desire to climb. Gives enjoyable way to play and stay active. Provides higher vantage point for cat
  • JUTE ROPE STEPS - Pet stairs for cats with Jute Rope steps for playful cats with scratchy claws
  • MADE OF SOLID RUBBER WOOD - Durable wall steps, withstands active play of cats
  • BLENDS WELL WITH HOME DECOR - Cat steps wall mounted with natural neutral colors fit any home decor
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Drill holes into the wall and screw the shelves to secure

Cats naturally love to run around and climb - it’s part of their DNA. Give them a great environment for active play in your house Skywin Cat Steps. These wall mounted cat shelves are great for climbing and even scratching. Its Jute Rope Steps provide a great cushion for your cat’s claws. Made of solid rubber wood known to be more durable than ordinary plywood, these stairs will definitely withstand the test of time and your cat’s playfulness. Its materials are also very eco friendly. The cat steps are also very easy to install and easy to match any home decor, making it a great and convenient addition to your cat’s pet supplies. You can use it alone or use a series of steps for a higher vantage point for your cat.