Skywin Compatible Apple Watch Organizer - 25 Bands Capacity Apple Watch Band Organizer for Multiple Designs - Keep All Your Apple i Watch Bands in Once Place, Great for Travel

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Keep your iWatch bands organized and ready for travel with the Skywin Compatible Apple Watch Organizer.

This booklet binder-type compartment has multiple pages bound together, with each page holding up to 5 straps. Keep everything organized and tucked inside your bag for travel. The compartments are clear, so you can see everything at a glance and easily choose the strap you want to wear for the day. Its built-in hook lets you hang it in your closet or room, whether you’re in your own home or staying in hotels during your travels. This super handy compartment also protects your straps from dust and damage, keeping them clean and ready to use at all times.

About the item:

  • CLEAR AND DURABLE COMPARTMENTS - Apple watches band storage with clear compartments lets you see contents at a glance, and helps you choose which band to wear easily. Organize various designs
  • BOOKLET DESIGN - iWatch case with 3-ring binder easily fits into bookcases for convenient storage. Booklet design has multiple pages you can flip through like a book. Secures shut with a magnetic tab
  • TOTAL OF 25 STRAPS CAPACITY - Apple iWatch band organizer with 5 pages that hold 5 bands each. The organizer holds a total of 25 straps
  • PREVENTS DUST AND DAMAGE - iWatch band case protects your apple watch from damage and from accumulating dust
  • COMPACT AND GREAT FOR TRAVEL - Fits into bags and luggage for travel. PU Leather material is durable