Skywin Dumpster Bag - Foldable and Reusable Trash Bag for Waste Management, Multiple Times Use During Renovations Tear Resistant and Can Hold Up to 3,500 lbs

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Product Description:

Heavy wastes need a heavy-duty dumpster bag that will not tear or break when carried. That is why whether you’re remodeling your house or garden, or simply doing your spring cleaning, the Skywin Dumpster Bag is a great product for you. It’s made of Polypropylene woven fabric that is durable and tear-resistant so it can hold up to 3,500 lbs of waste and debris. It has handles for truck pick up. This product can also be used for moving heavy materials. You can easily fold and store when, not in use or use these bags multiple times during renovations, so you can save more space compared to traditional dumpsters.

About this item:

  • YOUR OWN MANY-USE DUMPSTER. A dumpster bag fits big waste products such as old tiles, cabinets, kitchen sinks, gardening waste, roofing shingles, leaves, and other products and debris
  • CHEAPER THAN A DUMPSTER. Much cheaper than having a dumpster dropped off at your house.
  • GREAT FOR JUNK REMOVAL. Trash bag for house remodeling, gardening, landscaping, spring cleaning, other waste management projects, and moving or transporting materials
  • DURABLE. Made of Polypropylene woven fabric with handles for easy carrying, tear-resistant.
  • BIG BAG - BIG VOLUME: 96 x 48 x 30 inches. Holds 3,500 lbs of waste and debris. Reusable and foldable save space when stored.