Skywin Eyewash Station and Eye Wash Faucet Extender for Flushing Eyes - Compatible with Most Faucet Types with Removable Aerator

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Easy to use and easy to clean!

Make an eyewash station anywhere you want with the Skywin Eyewash Station! As long as there’s a sink and faucet, you’re good to go! If you want your faucet to go back to normal, you can always remove it and reattach it as needed. You can also easily twist and rotate it to direct the water flow to your eyes for easy washing and continuous water flow. If you live or work anywhere that makes your eyes susceptible to dust, pollen, chemicals, and other irritating foreign material, then the Skywin Eyewash Station is your savior and best friend!

About this item:

  • Portable eyewash station for flushing eyes during emergency cases
  • Attaches to most faucets, just replace your removable aerator with the eyewash station
  • Comes with adapters with three sizes for other faucet designs: Male 55/64" - 27 x Male 15/16" - 27; Male 55/64"-27 x Male 13/16' -27; Male 55/64"-27 x Female 3/4" - 27
  • Can be swiveled and adjusted to any direction for desired water flow and turned on/off in 2 seconds. Provides continuous flow of water
  • The sink returns to normal when the eyewash station is removed. Standard Faucet and Sink Not Included.


Material brass housing, plastic valve, Chrome Plating,
Water Pressure Range 1-10kgf/cm2
Dimension Outside diameter23.5mm,High25mm Application
Scope Female M22 / Male Thread M24 American
Standard MALE 15/16-27 / Female 55/64-27


Aerator Information:

  • (Currently NOT included now)
  • Female/Male thread model as in the picture.
  • Fully aerated stream and spray stream.two different water flow
  • Water saving ratio:>70%
  • water flow:1.5-7.5L/min (0.08- 0.5Mpa ).
  • Recommended for hands washing basins in public places, and other areas with a need to save water
  • Steady and Reliable

Technical Details: