Skywin Fabric LootBox Big - 18”x14”x14” Stackable and Foldable Supply Box - Durable Drop Box for Gamers, Fun Bright Colors

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Complete your gaming collection or your Fortnite-themed party with the Skywin Fabric LootBox. It can make your game a reality - it’s like a dropbox come to life.

With its fun and bright colors, this makes for the perfect decor to liven up your room or your party. You can also give it as a present to your gamer friends and family. It’s also useful for storage and organization - use it to store all your gaming necessities with ease. Pro tip: stack one on top of the other for maximum space-saving capacity.

What makes this box really special is its fabric material - this game box will definitely last way longer than your average cardboard box. You can also fold it up and store it when needed, making it not only fun but also functional.

Have fun storing and organizing with the. Skywin Fabric Loot Box for Fortnite-themed events.


Brand Skywin
Material Fabric
Shape Rectangular
Number of Items 1
Unit Count 1.00 Count


About this item:

  • Supply drop box made of durable fabric that will last longer than regular cardboard boxes

  • Looks exactly like the box in the game, a perfect gift for gamers. Store your Fornite merchandise and gaming accessories with ease

  • Great for Fornite decor for your room and parties come in fun and bright colors

  • Foldable and easy to store when not in use, stackable and space-saving

  • Dimensions: 18”x14”x14” merchandise and accessories not included