Skywin Fish Aerator Pump - 2 Tubes Rechargeable Battery Powered Aquarium Air Pump - Portable Bait Aerator for Transporting Fish, Outdoor Fishing, Traveling, Moving, Bait Cooling, and Power Outages

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Keep your pet fish and bait alive anytime and anywhere

The Skywin Fish Aerator Pump is a portable and handy device you can use to keep your fish alive during fishing trips, aquarium moving, and sudden power outages. It’s great for both freshwater and saltwater fish. You can attach it to any container such as a bait bucket, fish tank, or cooler and use it to keep your fish alive anywhere. Bring it during your trips and long drives when moving. It can run for hours without interruption to make sure your fish stay alive. Fits up to 30-gallon fish tanks. A small and compact design saves space, especially for smaller containers. Pumps 1.4 STL/minute. Keep your fish alive and healthy with the Skywin Fish Aerator Pump.

About this item:

  • HANDY MULTI-PURPOSE AERATOR PUMP - Use for outdoor fishing, transporting fish, traveling, moving, and bait cooling. Back up aquarium air pump during a power outage
  • FISH AERATOR FOR BOTH FRESH AND SALTWATER USE - For various types of fish used for aquariums and fishing
  • KEEPS FISH ALIVE ANYWHERE - Portable live bait aerator, fish stays alive in any container such as the aquarium, bait bucket, cooler, or ice chest.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE - Fish bubbler can function for 20+ hours without interruption, great for long drives when traveling or moving, or during prolonged power outages. Operated by 2 D batteries (1.5v)
  • EASY TO USE AIR BUBBLER- Place the hose and diffuser into the water and turn the device on. The hook attaches the device to the bucket, tank, or any container

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