Skywin FMCB Free McBoot Card v1.966 for PS2 - Plug and Play PS2 Memory Card - 64 MB Memory Card PS2 Runs Games in USB Disk or Hard Disk (1pack, 2pack or 3pack)

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Are you a retro gamer who wants to maximize your Playstation to gaming experience?

The Skywin FMCB Free McBoot Card v1.966 for PS2 is a great and straightforward device for you! This Playstation 2 memory card already has a Free McBoot that’s ready to use once plugged into your console. It works for any fat PS2 console and even slimline consoles besides the SCPH-9XXXX. The Free McBoot is a softmod that lets you start games using your USB or external hard drive through programs like OPL (Open PS2 Loader). You can play a lot of retro games and store a lot of documents with its 64GB storage. The Skywin FMCB Free McBoot Card v1.966 for PS2 is definitely a great tool for PS2 gamers.

About this item:
  • PLUG AND PLAY FREE MCBOOT PS2 MEMORY CARD- No other installations are needed, Free McBoot works as soon as you plug it in your console. Helps you play games on your USB flash drive or external hard disk
  • SAVES GAMES AND STORES DATA - PS2 Memory Card saves files and in-game creations
  • WORKS WITH MOST PS2 MODELS - Playstation 2 memory card works with any fat and slimline PS2 consoles (except MODEL SCPH-9XXXX with v230 BIOS)
  • 64GB STORAGE - Memory card for PS2 with enough storage space for files and games
  • RETRO GAMES - Freemcboot memory card PS2 lets you play classic Playstation 2 games