Skywin Gallon Pump Dispenser - 1 Gal Glass Laundry Detergent Dispenser for Laundry Room Good as Laundry Detergent Dispenser Glass Jar, Fabric Softener Dispenser, Liquid Laundry Soap Dispenser (White)

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Color White
Brand Skywin
Shape Round
EAN 5060974382491
Number of Sets 1

About this item

  • [ DETERGENT DISPENSER FOR LAUNDRY ROOM ] - This gallon glass jar laundry soap dispenser for liquid detergent has an attractive elegant modern style as a glass container for laundry room décor and accessories. Say no more to original packaging that is bulky and unsightly. This gallon liquid laundry soap dispenser is easy to decorate and organize your detergent containers for the laundry room
  • [ IDEAL SIZE AND CAPACITY ] - This gallon laundry glass container for detergent has a perfect size and capacity for a laundry dispenser for liquid detergent or as a liquid fabric softener dispenser that can hold 128 oz, with 14 in height and 6.5 diameters. This gallon pump dispenser does not need to refill frequently and has enough for a whole month worth or more before having to refill again (depending on how you often use it). The length of the straw is just right until the bottom.
  • [ DURABLE MATERIAL ] - This glass soap liquid dispenser is made of thickened high-quality glass, suitable for long-term use as your laundry detergent dispenser for the laundry room that will not dent or crack reducing your trouble for a frequent replacement, transparent appearance easy to see the remaining liquid and replenish it on time
  • [ CONVENIENT GLASS DETERGENT DISPENSER ] - This glass laundry detergent bottle has a pump that is curved with a wide outlet design, not only the amount be easily controlled, but also will not splash and drip, completely eliminates soap mess, a unique handle that won’t slip if you want to pour using your one hand. This is great to be used as a laundry softener dispenser or detergent container for the laundry room
  • [ A LITTLE REMINDER ] - This glass pump bottle is able to be used as a container for a laundry room but the best is to keep them from the original packaging to have quick access to package labels and warnings. These glass jars can be used not only for laundry rooms but also for your sinks, and kitchens. This glass laundry detergent dispenser is ideal to be on the lower shelf for easy access

Product Description

Being hyped up because of getting too much liquid soap than what is supposed to be? Worry no more because this Skywin laundry detergent dispenser glass jar will save your day. Pump it up by using this laundry room dispenser and you will get your desired portions without the mess! You can use these glass containers for the laundry room best for laundry detergent or for liquid detergent dispensers, liquid fabric softener containers, or whatever you wanted to make your laundry room more stylish and elegant. This liquid laundry detergent dispenser has a built-in dispensing mechanism that allows for precise control over how much product is being dispensed, which can help prevent waste and save money in the long run. It will also help to minimize contact with the contents of the bottle. Its tight sealing mechanism can help to preserve the product in a better condition, These glass jars for the laundry room can also help prevents evaporations and oxidation.