Skywin Goose Neck Mic Holder - Desk Mic Stand and Desktop Mic Stand with Secure and Strong Mic Support, Adjustable Position for Various Uses

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Product Description:

Say goodbye to technical difficulties and on-stage blunders with the Skywin Goose Neck Mic Holder! Its flexible, adjustable, and bendable gooseneck moves your mic in the direction you want - with a 360° movement range! If you’re a musician or singer looking for a perfectly adjustable mic holder that moves along with you, or you want to adjust your mic towards your instrument - this device is perfect for you! You can also use this for your broadcasting or podcast set-ups. Plus, it comes with a desk clamp so you can firmly attach it to a podium or lectern so a speaker can easily move the mic as they speak during conferences or lectures.

About this Item:
  • Flexible with a wide range of movement (360°) - for precise position and movement of the microphone during performance, broadcast, or conference
  • Heavy duty and secure, ensure mic will not slide off when in use
  • Comes with desk clamp to secure mic on desk, podium, or lectern
  • With a secure and adjustable mic holder that is compatible with quality mics of various microphone sizes
  • Perfect for musicians, broadcasters, podcasts, conferences, and others