Skywin Link Cable USB A to USB C 16 Feet Compatible with Oculus and Gaming PC, Replacement for Oculus Cable, High Speed Transfer and Fast Charger Gaming

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Feel a different kind of virtual reality with the Skywin USB A to USB C for Link Cable that is compatible with Oculus and gaming PC.

Live your gaming life with as much ease and confidence that you deserve. With the Skywin USB C High-Speed Cable, you can transfer your data to and from your devices faster than ever. If you want a cable that respects the game as much as you do and that will keep up with you on your adventures, look no further than the Skywin USB A to USB C compatible with Quest Link Cable

About this Item:

  • USB A to USB C Link/Connector Compatible with Oculus
  • Designed with a 90-degree angle tip for USB C, the cable won't get in your way during gaming
  • Compatible with Oculus and gaming PC
  • Experience high-speed data transfer at the rate of up to 5gbps when connected to a 2nd gen USB 3.1 port.
  • 10 ft or 3m in length, allows you enough space to adjust the placement of your VR to your PC

Product information: