Skywin Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan - USB cooler for Nintendo Switch Dock

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Product Description:

The Nintendo switch cooling system from SKYWIN clips directly onto the Nintendo Switch charging dock combating overheating problems for the Nintendo Switch console. By reducing temperature quickly and effectively the Switch dock cooler is an essential add-on to any Nintendo Switch console setup. The pocket-sized nature of the cooler makes it easily portable and extremely lightweight. With a simple on/off button, the cooling system couldn’t be easier to set up and use. Just clip on and off when needed and add a second fan to your charging dock if required (maximum 2). The Nintendo switch cooling fan works whilst using the console itself making it both convenient and practical. Just plug in and attach to the Nintendo Switch docking station and wait for the LED indicator to come on. Perfect for those long gaming sessions and keeps the Nintendo Switch running smoothly throughout the operation. The bundle comes with a 15cm cable and a high-quality fan with a rotation speed of 4500 RPM and 5V0.5A input power. Sleek black design that blends in and compliments the Nintendo Switch and its docking station.

About this Item:

  • 4500 RPM cooling fan that prevents overheating problems for Nintendo Switch console. Compatible with Nintendo Switch charging dock. Just attach with a mounting clip to keep the console running smoothly
  • Works while Nintendo Switch is in use allowing you to play for longer without any issues. Up to two cooling systems can be used simultaneously to safeguard the console to the fullest. Perfect for long gaming sessions
  • A pocket-sized cooling system that fits in perfectly with the Nintendo Switch design. Extremely lightweight and portable allowing you to take it with you on trips with ease
  • Sleek design that blends in with the Nintendo Switch console and accessories. High-quality fan with included clips to attach to Nintendo Switch charging dock. 15 cm cable length with 5V0.5A input power
  • The bundle comes with one cooling fan and one mounting clip for use with the Nintendo Switch docking station. Built-in LED indicator and simple on/off mechanism. Just plug in and use it right away