Skywin Paint Triangles Yellow - 20 New Improved Painters Pyramid Stands Safely Elevates Painted Canvas from Surface, Protects from Dirt and Damage

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  • Pack of 20 mini tripods that serves as a riser for painted canvas, doors, or wood
  • Promotes less mess and easier cleanup
  • Has a muted, round tip paint triangles to put painted wood or canvas safely in place before they dry out
  • Engage unbalanced and unwieldy objects
  • Lightweight, non-stick, and non-marring

Finding a spot where you can place your painted item, like a canvas or wood, without impairing or marring it can be difficult. Mini tripods can help by safely carrying your item in place. It has a dull tip that balances objects, without fear that it might tip over. Very easy to use, and it is non-stick. With this painters tripods, workplace is easier to clean.