Skywin Portable Battery Charger for The DJI Spark Drone - Fast Charging High Capacity Charging Station - Easy Carrying Handle, Water & Dust Resistance

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  • Fast Charging: Fully charge all three batteries simultaneously withing 40-50 minutes
  • High Capacity: With 96.2 Watt Hours of Power you can fully Charge 6 Spark Batteries and the charging station can be fully recharged within 4 hours
  • Portable: Built in lift handle makes it easy to charge up your Spark batteries on the go anytime and anywhere
  • Weather Resistant: Water Resistant and Dust Resistant
  • Compatible with DJI Spark Drone Batteries. DJI Spark Drone and DJI Batteries are not included and should be Purchased Separately


Skywin Spark Charging Station Compatible with the DJI Sparks Batteries. This portable battery bank can simultaneously charge and carry up to 3 batteries. It is easily transportable with a built in handle and is dust and water resistant to keep your batteries safe and fully charged.