Skywin PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Cover - Playstation 4 Hard Drive Data Bank Enclosure - Replace Cover to Upgrade The Internal PS4 HDD with an External 3.5" HDD of Choice

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About this Item:

  • Replace your PS4 cover and upgrade your internal HDD with an external 3.5" Hard Drive (Slim and Pro not supported)
  • Boost the Performance! Play and load games at high speeds with an upgraded 3.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive.
  • Don't run out of Space! Switch out that tiny PS4 2.5" hard drive with a massive 3.5" HDD for even more Games and Media.
  • Data Bank Cover and Screwdriver Included
  • Hard Drive and PS4 gaming consoles are sold separately.

Product Description:


Playstation 4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit

Increase the storage capability and performance of your console with the PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Cover by Skywin. Switch the PS4 internal HDD with a larger, cheaper, and faster external 3.5" hard drive.

Data Bank Upgrade covers your PS4

Tools you need to access the PS4 HD Tray - Phillips PS4 Screwdriver

For use with the PS4. Hard drive and PS4 gaming consoles are sold separately.


Product information: