Skywin PSP Charger Cable 6 Feet 2-in-1 Replacement Charger Cable Compatible with Playstation Portable PSP 1000 2000 3000 and PS3

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Make your PSP gaming essentials light and easy to carry around!

With the Skywin PSP Charger Cable, you no longer need to lug a heavy and bulky brick adapter that comes with the original PSP charger. Just carry this replacement cord and you can charge anywhere with the simple and light devices you carry around everyday - your laptop, phone charger, or even your car charger. You can also use it to sync data on your PC and PlayStaion 3 Console, as its wires were made for both data transmission and charging - its heavy duty 28AWG wires with 2 strands of 12 copper cored cables were made exactly for this purpose. For faster charging, you can use chargers with voltage 5V 1A-2A. For a travel-friendly charging and data transfer solution, the Skywin PSP Charger Cable is a must-have for you.

About this Item:

  • COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS PSP MODELS - Replacement PSP Charger Cable for PSP 1000 2000 3000 SERIES, E-1000 model, and PS3 DualShock 3 Controller.
  • CHARGE USING LAPTOPS OR ANY USB COMPATIBLE POWER SOURCE - PSP charger cord plugs into USB ports in laptops, PCs, smartphone chargers, car chargers, or charger docks.
  • NO MORE BULKY BRICK ADAPTER - PSP charger cable replaces the original brick adapter, making it more compact for easy transport.
  • 2-IN-1 CHARGER AND DATA TRANSFER CABLE - PSP charger cable USB made of heavy-duty wires for both data transfer and charging. Sync data on your PC and PlayStation 3 Console.
  • LONG LIFE SPAN - USB, charging port, and splitter are reinforced with cable protectors to ensure a longer life span.

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