Skywin PSVR Wall Mount - Space Saving PS4 VR Headset Wall Mount and Move Controller Mount - Adhesive VR Mount Organizes VR Headset and VR Accessories

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 Do you want to keep your PSVR Headset and Move Controllers organized and in arm’s reach without taking up too much space?

The Skywin PSVR Wall Mount is the perfect tool that does the job. Designed specifically to hold both your PSVR headset and Move Controllers. Its space-saving design ensures a sleek and compact look. You don’t even have to worry about how strong it holds up, its strong and solid metal material is sure to withstand your VR accessories’ weight. Another perk is how easy it is to set up, and how easily you’ll be able to just grab your headset and controllers whenever you want to play.

Brand Skywin
Material Metal
Mounting Type Wall Mount

About this item:

  • HOLDS PS4 VR HEADSET AND 2 MOVE CONTROLLERS - PSVR wall mount designs to securely hold PS4 VR headset and 2 move controllers
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN - PSVR headset wall mount with a compact design that maximizes space. No need for tables or cases that occupy too much space
  • MADE OF STRONG, SOLID METAL - Solid material of the VR wall mount can hold the weight of your headset and controllers. Coated surface protects the controller from scratches
  • EASY ACCESS ANYTIME - Grab your PSVR quickly and easily anytime you need them. Easy to take, easy to return.
  • EASY AND QUICK DIY INSTALLATION - Install this VR PS4 headset wall mount easily and quickly. Simply screw on your wall for installation