Skywin Racing Wheel and Pedal Game Controller - USB Steering Wheel and Pedals with Vibration Feedback - Compatible with Nintendo Switch Switch Lite PS3 PC and Android

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Take your Mario Kart and racing games experience to the next level by using Skywin Racing Wheel and Pedal Game Controller!

Feel as if you’re the one driving your kart with the Racing Wheel and Pedal Game Controller. Made to create a realistic driving experience, this racing wheel has an ergonomic design based on an actual steering wheel. It also has gas and brake pedals. Compatible with PC, PS3, and Android, this steering wheel is also packed with controls that fit each gaming console. The classic action buttons are present, allowing more control and action. The auto-centering function makes sure your wheel is always at the center whenever you start the game.

About this item:

  • REALISTIC DRIVING - Mario Kart steering wheel creates realistic driving action through the accelerator and brake pedals
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - For Nintendo switch wheel with an ergonomic design based on real steering wheels for utmost comfort and best grip
  • MENU BUTTON FOR PS3 - The switching wheel provides direct access to the PS3 menu
  • ACTION BUTTONS - The switch racing wheel has the usual gaming action buttons for your racing games
  • AUTO CENTERING FUNCTION - The position of your Mario Kart racing wheel is already set to the center once you start the game