Skywin Refrigerator Egg Drawer - Snap-on Egg Holder for Refrigerator Organizes and Protects Eggs - Adjustable and Space Saving Egg Storage Container For Refrigerator

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Product Description:

Here is a convenient way to store and protect your eggs inside the refrigerator without taking up too much space - the Skywin Refrigerator Egg Drawer. With its snap-on design, you can easily attach it to your fridge shelf. Once attached, it’s easy to get your eggs out - just pull the drawer and grab your eggs. You can also adjust the depth to fit your fridge. Great for refrigerators without built-in egg compartments.

About this Item:

  • ORGANIZES AND PROTECTS EGGS INSIDE THE FRIDGE - Egg tray for the refrigerator neatly organizes your eggs and protects them from cracking or breaking. 18 eggs capacity.
  • CONVENIENT TO GET EGGS OUT - A drawer type of egg organizer for the refrigerator makes it easy to get eggs.
  • SPACE SAVER - The egg drawer maximizes refrigerator space.
  • SNAP-ON INSTALLATION, NO TOOLS NEEDED - Egg container for refrigerator includes 4 hooks for easy and quick installation. Just snap it onto the refrigerator shelf.
  • ADJUSTABLE DEPTH - Egg drawer for a refrigerator with adjustable depth to fit your fridge.