Skywin Retro Games Cartridge Holder for Nintendo Gameboy, Switch, NES, N64, and 3DS Games - Holds 61 Games, With Slots for Switch Tablet, Joycons and Amiibo

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Keep all your Nintendo games and accessories in one place!

With the Skywin Retro Games Cartridge Holder, you can keep various types of cartridges for various Nintendo gaming devices. You can store FC/SFC/N64/NES/SNES games, Switch game cases, NDS/3DS games, Gameboy cartridges, and Switch games. You can also store your Switch tablet and 4 pairs of Joycon controllers. For a splash of style, it even has 5 slots for your Amiibo figures. Everything will be kept in its multi-level space-saving design that keeps everything neat and organized. And of course, very accessible for gaming.

About this item:

  • Hold up to 61 types of cartridges - 21 slots for FC/SFC/N64/NES/SNES games, 9 slots for Switch game cases, 9 slots for NDS/3DS games, 8 slots for Gameboy cartridges, and 14 slots for Switch games
  • Includes storage for 1 Switch tablet and 4 pairs of Joycon controllers
  • Game storage has 5 slots to display your Amiibo figures
  • All-in-one space-saving multi-level organizer
  • The anti-skid pad prevents the stand from slipping and keeps everything stable and safe

Technical Details: