Skywin Self Feeding Baby Bottle, Bottle Holder for Baby, Baby Bottle with Straw, Anti Colic, for Hands Free Convenient Feeding

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  • Self feeding makes it easier to feed your baby - no need for mothers to hold the bottle while feeding so you can rest or do other things
  • Comes with latch-on nipple attached to a straw that allows your baby to sit upright or move comfortably
  • Anti Colic and leak free- reduced air build up that can cause colic and gassiness prevents spills
  • Mimics natural breastfeeding for babies and mothers who want to transition to bottle feeding
  • Portable, handy - you can bring anywhere


Feeding your baby has never been easier! The Skywin Self Feeding Baby Bottle allows your baby to feed or drink their milk without needing to hold the bottle - for hands-free feeding! Product comes with latch-on nipples attached to a straw that connects to a bottle, which allows your baby to sit upright or move comfortably while feeding. It’s also leak-free and prevents air build-up that can cause colic, gassiness and discomfort for your baby. This is sure to make bottle feeding your baby easy breezy!