Skywin Shower Stool for Shaving Legs or Pedicure Foot Rest - Small White Plastic Stool for Shower Room Corner - Heavy Duty Stool Bath and Nonslip Sturdy Leg Shaver Seat

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Product Description:

Shaving your legs in the shower is much easier when you're sitting down since you have a better reach of your legs. This small and comfortable shower stool can help you have an easy shave. Its non-slip rubber feet protect you when the floor or tub gets wet and slippery. Small and compact in size, this shower still is a great tool for small shower stalls, bathtubs, or bathrooms. Make shaving easy and convenient with the Skywin Shower Stool For Shaving Legs.

About this item:

  • SIT DOWN WHEN SHAVING LEGS - A shower stool for shaving legs assists people with easier and more comfortable shaving. Great for those who need help sitting in the shower
  • HEAVY DUTY - Durable and supports adults’ weight. Easy during bathroom seating
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER FEET PREVENTS SLIPPING - Shaving stool for the shower has non-slip rubber feet to prevent slipping on the tub or shower floor, making it a safe choice for the elderly
  • GREAT FOR SMALL BATHROOMS OR SHOWER STALLS - Perfect fit for small spaces, great space saver
  • SUPPORT FOR BATHTUBS - Shower stool provides comfort to adults who want to spend a little more time in the tub