Skywin Switch Jump Rope Compatible with Nintendo Switch Jump Rope Challenge - Adjustable Joycon Jump Rope with Comfort Hand Grip - Fun Fitness Workout

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  • FUN AND FITNESS - Play the Jump Rope Challenge Game with real jump ropes that is compatible with Nintendo Switch. Play the game, have fun, and workout at the same time. Length is 9.84 feet
  • COMFORT JOYCON CONTROLLER GRIPS - Includes Switch jump rope handle wherein you can insert your Joycon controllers. Its custom secure fit will ensure your controllers will not fall or slide out during the game. Designed for a comfortable grip when in use
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH TO FIT ALL AGES - Adjust the length of the Switch jump rope to fit the needs of any player, whether it’s adults or young children. Cut the excess to best fit your height
  • THICKNESS IMPROVES MUSCLE TENSION - Switch jumping rope is thick enough for the user to improve their whole body’s muscle tension during use
  • TOUGH ROPE, NON-TOXIC MATERIAL - Switch jumping rope Nintendo is thick and sturdy compared to the usual jump ropes, making it resistant to breaking. Also made of non-toxic that is safe, specially for children


Play and workout at the same time with the Skywin Switch Jump Rope compatible with Nintendo Switch. Designed with grips that can contain the Joycon controllers, you can use this jump rope to play the Jump Rope Challenge Game. With this, your controllers will not slide out or fall while in use. You can also grip it comfortably. Thanks to its thickness, you can improve the muscle tension in your entire body for improved fitness. With its adjustable length, you even children can play. Make the rope fit any height by simply cutting off the excess. Have a great and fun workout with the Skywin Switch Jump Rope compatible with Nintendo Switch.