Skywin Auto-Vacuuming Bread Box - Air Tight Storage Container and Serving Tray for Cakes Bagels and Bread Loaves - Automatically Seal and Keep Fresh

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Simple freshness. Vacuum seal at the press of a button!

Finally the ultimate in convenient, easy-to-clean food storage using a state-of-the-art vacuum seal! Saves you money by allowing effortless food storage for longer periods of time. This elegant container keeps food fresh and ready when you are.

Sick of those hard to open and hard to seal old-fashioned toxic storage containers? Have a hard time finding, opening and sealing lids properly?

The #1 electric vacuum storage system in the world, brings you a one-touch vacuum seal design perfect for people on the go! Don’t trust old-fashioned storage systems that cause you to struggle with flimsy lids and leave you guessing whether the seal is good, only to find out your food is rotten.

Our dome design solves all your food storage problems with a one-touch button system that guarantees an airtight vacuum seal every time––automatically with the click of a button. The lager dome design makes sure you have plenty of room to store your snacks. Perfect to take to the neighborhood pot luck and holiday celebrations.

But don’t expect any leftovers. Your food will be so fresh and tasty everyone will gobble up your recipes. No more packing up and going home with soggy leftovers from the party that only end up in the garbage can that night.

This electronic, automatic, easy-to-use elegant food storage container keeps dry food fresh for 3-5 days longer than old-fashioned storage systems.

This isn’t your mother’s storage system. The beautiful dome container helps define your unique, effortless entertaining style. You’ll spend more time having fun with friends and family and less time hassling over wasted time spent searching for lids and wasted money spent on food that spoils.

Excellent for pickling. This advanced vacuum storage container is ideal for keeping food dust and bacteria-free, helping to protect the health of your family.