Skywin Watch Band Holder for Apple Watch Bands - An Apple Watch Band Case Organizer with a 50 Band Capacity and Zippered Compartment Sleeves

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Keep your iWatch bands organized and ready for travel with the Skywin Compatible Apple Watch Organizer.

This booklet binder-type compartment has multiple pages bound together, with each page holding up to 5 straps. Its zippered compartments on each sleeve provide easy access.

Protects your apple watch from damage and from accumulating dust. Keep everything organized and tucked inside your bag for travel.

5 Pages

About this item:
  • SHOWCASE ALL YOUR WATCH BANDS - Designed with a ring binder to easily add and remove pages to showcase all your strap collections.
  • LARGEST STRAP HOLDER CAPACITY - Organizes up to 50 straps in 5 pages sleeves that hold 10 bands each. Band holder measures 25" X 22" X 1.5".
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If unsatisfied, you will receive a full refund within 30 days! No question asked! Order now while stock lasts!
  • FITS ALL WATCH STRAPS- Unlike others, the Skywin watch band holder can store nylon, rubber, leather, and metal straps.
  • QUICK BAND CHOOSING - Clear compartments are made of vinyl plastic which allows you to choose which band to wear easily.