Skywin Waterproof Cigarette Case with Lighter - Red Airtight Cigarette Dry Box with Rechargeable Lighter - Keep Cigarettes Dry, Great for Outdoor

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Going on an outdoor adventure with your pack of cigarettes, and you don’t want them to get soggy from the water or rain?

The Skywin Waterproof Cigarette Case With Lighter is the perfect solution. This airtight and waterproof hard case will keep the water out, and keep the tobacco particles from spilling into your bag or pocket. You can fit standard cigarette packets, no need to remove each cigarette and insert it into the case one by one. It’s convenient and easy to use and a rechargeable lighter is a handy and nice touch. You can charge with any power source with a USB connection. No more refilling fuel or running out of gas when outdoors, just recharge as needed.

About this item:

  • PROTECT YOUR CIGARETTES FROM WATER AND RAIN - 100% Waterproof cigarette case keeps your cigarettes completely dry when exposed to rain or when the case is submerged in water. Great for camping and outdoor adventures
  • CONVENIENT RECHARGEABLE LIGHTER - Hard cigarette case has a rechargeable lighter that connects to devices with USB ports such as laptops and power banks. Easily slide down the button to activate the lighter
  • FITS STANDARD CIGARETTE PACKETS - No need to insert cigarettes inside the cigarette case with a built-in lighter, it fits standard size packets (pack of 20 sized 84mm cigarettes). Keeps loose tobacco particles from falling out and spilling into your pockets & bags
  • ANTI-SLIP, STRONG AND CRASH-RESISTANT - Airtight cigarette case made of high quality material that is scratch and crash resistant. Will not crack when dropped or when squished against the contents of your bag. The cigarette box case will not slip from your hand when you hold it
  • EASY TO SEAL AND OPEN - Sturdy buckle tightly keeps the case closed and sealed. Easy to unlock when needed