XPACK Unique Wine Glass in Special Case, Unbreakable, Compact Design, Durable to Carry Around, Outdoor, Travel, Camping, Great Gift

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Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Style Modern
Theme Fashion, Modern
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash Only

About this item

  • INDULGE IN HIGH-END QUALITY WHILE ENJOYING A MODERN AND UNIQUE DESIGN – fashion and function come together magically in this sleek, durable wine glass. Now, you can easily and safely take your wine glass with you no matter where your adventures call, resting assured this hardy wine glass is up for the challenge
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE BECOME CHIC WITH THIS PORTABLE WINE GLASS – crafted out of transparent polycarbonate, this wine glass is incredibly durable. It can be dropped, shaken, knocked over, and even pushed without shattering. Though the refined crystal transparency looks like glass, it rises to our high standards
  • CONVERTIBLE AND EASILY ASSEMBLED, THE COMPACT DESIGN OF THIS GLASS MAKES IT IDEAL FOR ALL OCCASIONS – whether you are planning a day in the woods or a family gathering at a local hotel, you will not be disappointed with this glass. Our standard of elegance doesn’t change no matter what the occasion and neither should yours
  • A DETACHABLE STEM AND COMPACT CARRY CASE PROVIDES ULTIMATE PORTABILITY – this incredible design secures the wine glass both to itself and in place within its case… giving you the freedom you deserve to go wherever your day takes you. Effortlessly toss this in your backpack or purse and forget about it until the time comes, then pour yourself a sultry glass of rich elegance, then sit back and relax… no matter where you find yourself
  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR ADVENTURES IN MIND, THE XPACK PREMIUM WINE GLASS HAS IT ALL – You can relax as much as you want knowing this BPA free glass is as easy to clean as it is to carry. Treat yourself like the royalty you should be, both on the road and at home

Product Description


Introducing the epitome of elegance itself: the XPACK Premium Wine Glass.

You have not truly lived until you have tasted wine out of the incredible XPACK wine glass. Featuring a unique, sleek design, this glass will transform the way you enjoy the outdoors, or on any other adventure you take. Completely transparent and ingeniously designed, rest assured this polycarbonate wine glass is tough enough to withstand even the most exhilarating outdoor adventure.

The wide mouth on this premium glass allows you to uphold your refined standards, encouraging you to indulge in the rich scent of your wine before it even reaches your lips. No matter how deep into the woods you are, how remote your base camp is, or how far out on the trail you find yourself, this glass will carry your senses to being in the center of the most elegant hotel you can imagine.

This highly portable glass detaches from its stem combining an innovative design with permanent magnets, making transportation as easy as can be. The small, compact fit slides easily into your backpack, next to any other gear you need.

Andre Simon, who was described as the leader of the English wine trade during the first half of the twentieth-century quotes, “wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, and every day more civilized.” A truth that has stood the test of time. Now, using the XPACK wine glass, you can take this elegant civilization anywhere and everywhere you go, from the most culturally diverse square in New York City to the hidden backtrails of the mysterious Rocky Mountains, and countless places beyond.

Crafted from polycarbonate, this wine glass is completely safe… over 150 times more durable than tempered glass.

Carry high-end quality with you wherever your wanderlust beckons, and indulge in the richness of wine on every breathtaking adventure.


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